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from our update frequency you can see, after numerous joint release, last week we finally ushered in a relatively quiet weekend: no joint sale, has not released an important product. But today is Monday we will bring [sale this week] column, if you look closely at a push last week, we will know in a humble position to push on a Concepts x Vans 2017 joint notice - a joint will meet with you in April 20 Japan Zhou Sizheng. Why Concepts x Vans so it is worth looking forward to? Today we grilled a steak. Concepts yesterday, the official release of second Concepts x Vans joint spy photos from the point of view, should be a pair of Old Skool Pro is used, the Dark Green Suede toe shoes, is dark green, side on the canvas pattern as expected we notice, that is the first preview picture form tropical patterns Concepts text.

Concepts is the first store in 1996 in the United States of Massachusetts, Cambridge (Cambridge), the first shop is located next to the world is the famous universities of Harvard University, Harvard Square (Harvard Square), the store has since determined the positioning slide culture as the core, the store has clothing, shoes for sale, there are not the skateboard figure. Concepts Boston store interior

later, Concepts also actively expand outward, first opened shop in New York in the United states. In 2016 Concepts ushered in 20th anniversary, its first international store - Concepts Dubai store grand opening. Three shops were witnessed Concepts in different stages of development, but the constant is Concepts for the skateboard culture stick. Concepts New York store interior Concepts Dubai store location
To adhere to the
Concepts from the Concepts x Vans skateboard culture history of the successful joint can see see: Concepts and Vans cooperation began in 2013, but in 2015 interrupted, although only a 3 cooperation, but each time the Concepts and Vans joint shoes are Vans enthusiasts as Chanticleer products, not only that, the cooperation between the two sides the whole story is due to slide.

Concepts x Vans Syndicate Sk8-Hi "S" < / Bo

Which running equipment do you like best?

this is the fixed column for every Monday, not this Monday, or the next Monday.

's CES 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, in addition to a number of 3C electronics manufacturers, some sports brands also appeared. Last week we have introduced some of these sports brands this week using their actions to prove that they are still active molecules between sports and technology.

SUUNTO showed great strength in exhibitions. They frozen a piece of Suunto Spartan Ultra in ice to show the super performance of Spartan Ultra.

in addition, SUUNTO officially launched its first version of Spartan Sport HR optical heart rate watch at the CES show, Spartan Sport version of the photoelectric sensor heart rate from Valencell, the design of a triangle, the watch function also increased heart rate data directly, and is in the form of a chart, on the display more intuitive.
We will also bring a review of the watch after
. The
, which has been the most promising Fitbit, seems to have been on the right track after a series of acquisitions.
launched the 3 version of Fitstar which had been purchased before. At this time, the new Fitstar personal trainer function can be used in this version. By analyzing the user motion data recorded in Fitbit bracelet, we recommend appropriate training courses.

and Fitstar can directly access exercise data, then analyze and give targeted fitness courses, even without Fitbit devices, fitness courses can be planned through Fitstar. In addition, the new Fitstar radio function allows users to customize their favorite sports music.

Under Armour officially launched the three pairs of intelligent running shoes that were exposed before the exhibition. They are UA SppedForm Gemini 3 RE, SpeedForm Velociti RE and SpeedForm Velociti.

these three pair of running shoes have built-in sensor chips that can track, store and analyze the training data in real time. And the chip does not need to be charged. The three running shoes will be listed in mid February.
in addition to shoes, UA also launched a high-tech pajamas. Yes, you didn't see it wrong. It's a pajamas.
this restorative pajamas are made of bioceramic technology, which is used and verified by TB12. Special bioceramic particles can absorb the infrared waves emitted by the body and reflect the far-infrared waves, improve the quality of sleep and help the body recover faster, and ensure that the pajamas are comfortable and comfortable to the greatest extent. >

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