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you may think that black and white color of the casual styles most easy to match, but in the fantasy design field designer Wakubo Rei, is two different things. COMME des GARCONS HOMME PLUS launched the latest two were black and white leather shoes, made good kip, and in the body of the shoe to create crocodile leather grain; and toe design with general Oxford Shoes is more rounded, and then carry on the commonly referred to as the "dog" Rugged Sole durable rubber sole. With the other compared to the same type of shoes, a new general danim costume User Friendly to be designed to handle style, fashion design talent, we still have to work at. The shoes are priced at $$830 and are now available on SSENSE. , governor of Fujian Province, Mr. Xu Zhihua, general manager of PEAK
PEAK has big moves in the NBA and us markets. In February 17th, the Chinese sports brand, which is ubiquitous in the NBA arena, announced in Losangeles that it had formed a strategic partnership with the Miami heat, which owns James, Wade and Bosh, the three giants.

PEAK aims to work with the best teams in the world and the most aggressive players." PEAK CEO Xu Zhihua in the United States held the day of PEAK flagship store opening ceremony cum Miami Miami cooperation signing ceremony that the Miami heat is the world's most popular and best NBA team, PEAK hopes to help the aspirant for the NBA championship to win the team.

signed the Miami Heat, PEAK is to strengthen cooperation with NBA, deep plowing the U.S. market is another positive signal. As we all know, the Miami heat is the season's top favourites, with James, Wade and Bosh "big three", in NBA and the world have great appeal. "The PEAK brand is dominant in the sporting goods market, and the heat is one of NBA's best teams," says Stephen Weber, vice president of marketing and marketing at the Miami heat. We are willing to join forces with PEAK to form alliances and better serve fans and consumers."

insiders said that the signing of Miami PEAK will further increase its influence in Chinese, while PEAK will also help Miami's high popularity, to enhance the brand influence, "this is a win-win choice."
The signing of the
will also boost the sales of PEAK's flagship store in sync. In Losangeles, 2 PEAK flagship store officially announced on the same day of business, one is located in the Westerfield mall two floor, with the well-known sporting goods store Footlocker and Footaction located on the same floor area of about 274 square meters, the main PEAK professional basketball and basketball culture products. Another is located in Losangeles City West Hollywood Melrose Street 8250 (8250 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048), is a street shop, an area of about 260 square meters, is a comprehensive concept of PEAK stores. There are many famous fashion brands near the store, as well as sports brands such as Adidas.

last season the heat beat Dallas, one of the key reasons is the lack of depth in the lineup, the new season to keep the squad together under the condition of the heat this season's top signings selected "Batman" called the PEAK star Sean Battier?. Miami boss Allison Battier is "the introduction of premeditated" thing, now joined Battier, can provide stable and reliable fire three ball defense for Miami, third three giant red crown is welcomed. The heat inside the introduction of Battier on this issue is very unified, the general manager, coach and main players believe that Pakistan

2017 how do you make yourself run faster?

new year has started. In 2017, do you want to run faster? Then look at the following 9 ways and do it!

1, set target

in 2017, you should set a goal for the new year first! It is not necessarily a game, but it is necessary to give yourself a purposeful training. Give yourself a reason to run early: faster? Farther? Or the type that has never been tried? Of course, it is most direct to sign up for a match that goes beyond your comfort zone.

2, plan

's unplanned goal is fantasy! A lot of people love this problem: a few times a week at random around yourself or in the gym, but there's no real system plan. It's best to get a coach, and combine your goals to develop a gradual training program.

3, run short and fast

contains variability - the different training pressures that are brought at different times. But when people pay attention to the rhythm, back and back, and even the 800m runway, they tend to forget the real sprint. Add this to regular training: 10*20 second sprint, 1-2 minutes of easy jogging between each group. Focus on running and swapping legs. Think of yourself as Boulter! In addition, 2 times a week after a easy run, add an acceleration or short mountain sprint.

speed training can improve running efficiency, help train fast muscle fiber and make it play a good role in the game.

4, pay attention to warm up first

to warm up for running, do not use running to warm up. This is critical. Warm-up helps prevent unnecessary injuries and prepares to run faster. The right to a few minutes including warm-up dynamic tensile - some transverse (side) to activate the muscle movement to exercise and training, such as a variety of lunges.

5, increase the amount of running

if you only run 2 days a week, then add 1 days to run. Of course, no matter how Canada, nor is 7 days running. Many entertainer runners only run or pay more attention to skill training, but the simplest way to improve is to increase the amount of running.

6, change running shoes

tries to wear several different running shoes in different running. Most of the running shoes are not common. Different running shoes are suitable for different types of running. Cross-country shoes have better grip, and light competition shoes are more suitable for fast running. Don't be afraid of money! Because if you don't run every day, every pair of running shoes can wear for a long time.

7, working harder when running

long distance running is almost one of the regular training of all people. But this does not mean that every long distance runs very slowly. Occasionally in the long distance running training, run a little harder, speed up a little speed, will make you have a surprise.

8, pay attention to rest

wants to think.

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