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The story of the eleven kitchen in the GE
More than 2
in the afternoon, Ge eleven windmill six top Camp central Mongolia bag, more than 50 of them are busy, some wash potatoes, some wire brush, a young master rubbed against hand, slow down, a little head suddenly, took a nap, and woke up next to fellow a glance at him, laugh, too lazy to talk, bowed his head, went on to work.
Around 3
pot boiled the water white lamb, a layer of yellow oil with boiling sugar rolling, floating in the above material package has two or three fists, the pot in a stew about 300 pounds, Ge eleven daily consumed 3000 pounds of meat, 150 sheep, every morning events catering executive manager Bai Yunping to be in Guazhou Town, slaughterhouse for live sheep slaughter, quarantine is completed, immediately loaded on the truck transport to the camp.

Bai Yunping in charge of the size 9 truck, maximum load of 10 tons, daily between the city and the different Guazhou camp, a car transport of fruits and vegetables, meat, grain, but the water every day to two cars, about 30 tons. The first thing to arrive is the more than 2000 sets of tableware which were transported to the county town overnight and cleaned and sterilized overnight. They must arrive within 30 minutes before the morning meal. After breakfast, these tableware will start for a bath and return to the camp within 30 minutes before dinner.

from a Ge catering support Zhang Xiaoning, accompanied by GE race has been for 10 years, working pressure is the maximum time, every purchase and transport food and supplies are already non-stop, camp to transport and meal account set up, all kinds of ingredients are soaking, washing, cooking stew served, the players finished need to arrange the tableware, finishing materials, packed, almost do breakfast.

"tomorrow is the last day of the competition day, at 4:30 in the morning to open the meal, and the master can rest two hours at most." Bai Yunping is calm, not talkative, dark complexion and serious expression. He laughs and has a strong knit and hard texture. He is 45 years old. In those days, he sleeps less than the teachers in Gobi. On average, it is less than 2 hours per day.

pressure is great, in Gobi on 10 year Zhang Xiaoning did not worry too much, Guazhou county at 8 every morning to go to work, go to work at 3 in the afternoon, the middle of a long nap, please master put aside the comfort of life, went to Gobi to work every day for 20 hours, although hard, but northwest people really work at ease, busy tired, quietly forward to do it, he is only afraid of the weather.

don't be windy and rainy, he can not remember which one's race, tent, mutton stew, a sudden sandstorm struck, overturned the tent top, hard to master the tent of the hob, afraid of the whole tent away, table cooked mutton rescue down. There is a layer of sand can be cleaned off.

"this weather, eating mutton windy, drink soup will rain!" At that time, a member of the Taiwan team sprayed a sentence. Xiao Ning, who helped everyone to play rice, heard that everyone laughed. >

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