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The public running group of the energy of the bit: scientific horse racing

October -12 month, every Tuesday, four evening, they from every corner of the big Beijing to the Dongcheng District gymnasium road an unseen small building. Even though they had a day of hard work on their faces, they were in a hurry, and they were strong. They are the students of the charity run troupe recruited by ambit from Amateur marathon runners. They are on the way to the evening training, they are experiencing a transmutation of marathon's life.

health is the primary goal,

in 2016, the Beijing International Marathon just ended. 15 marathon fans emerged from many applicants, becoming the first members of the camp energy public welfare training camp.

as the earliest in the marathon sports technology brands, combitech found with marathon fever swept the country, more and more marathon amateurs, especially in the marathon novice suffer disease sports injury. The 15 players in the final run group, were hurt or injury had a very high percentage of players. These injuries may be due to non-standard training methods, incorrect running posture, unscientific diet structure and inadequate nutritional supplements, but in the final analysis, they should be attributed to their lack of knowledge about marathon and their body.

maybe running is a sport that almost everyone can take part in and low threshold. But marathon is a extreme sport with super long distance, huge consumption and high demands for physical strength, technology and psychology. "Our country's professional marathon athletes are only two or three games a year, but some amateurs can even run three or four horses in a month." Generally speaking, an ordinary person takes four to five years of gradual training to be physically and technically capable of taking part in the marathon. But in real life, only a few months training experience, There are plenty of people who even zero based "streaking".

is engaged in the medical industry of Cui Li in the marathon, only a year's time, but her marathon crazy experience for many marathon absolute master stare. From the zero basis, two months later she ran half a horse at one breath, and half a year later she finished her first whole horse. In September, she participated in the Beijing International Triathlon and the Beijing International Marathon, which was only one week apart between the two events.

after selection, Cui Li successfully selected the combitech charity run group, but she is not with you a piece of training. The reason was simple. She was injured and had limited training on the basis of her recovery.

is not uncommon among amateur marathons in the view of the team coach, Cui Li. They lack systematic and scientific training guidance. They often blindly improve their exercise volume on the one hand because they are eager to improve their performance, but on the other hand, they fail to achieve the corresponding exercise intensity, resulting in muscle fatigue, joint wear and other injuries due to lack of strength in training and competition.

for Cui >

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