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Kenya's name is tripped by a dog and lost the champion

, unwittingly, had reached its tail in 2016. What does 2016 mean to you? For running, marathon in 2016 is a year of vigorous development, this year in the run appeared in a number of controversial incidents, there are also many anecdotes. From the beginning of Kenya's dog trip to super horse who lost the championship, performing dog love, and then to the thief in the marathon police and so on, today Sina running for you to take stock of ten laps of the 2016.

1. Kenya famous man stumbled and lost the champion

January 1st, a Japanese game NewYear post held in a dramatic scene, Kenya marathon runner Paul - Cruella was in a leading position, but he tripped over a suddenly broke the track of the pet dog, leading the team lost the championship.

2. Japanese men depend on Chinese bun to finish

3 15, Japan's famous actor Shosuke Tanihara took part in the 2016 Yokohama marathon 10 kilometers competition. He had a knee injury and he wanted to abstain from it. He finally went to the end by relying on Chinese baozi to replenish energy. On the day of the marathon, along with many viewers as the valley primary fuel, the other players around him and also encourage clap. On the way, Gu Yuan's recurrence of knee injury once ran very hard. When he passed the feeding point, he ate a lot of special Chinese steamed bun, and sprinted at the end of the race, and ran at about 1 hours and 15 minutes.

3. 5K race collar Easter elk refused to supply

in March 26th, at the third Bunny jumping 5K on dweill, Oregon, 1 3 year old elk suddenly entered the track, and the majority of them were completed together with the runners. Unfortunately, officials of the wildlife department have moved it to the forbidden area near de von, and it's probably hard to think about running. In the park in the finish line, Bardi briefly mixed with the runners to take part in the Party after the race. Of course, it didn't get any free water and snacks.

4. men downtown and a circle of mobile phones "run" 80 thousand steps

Fuzhou citizen Chen did not think that he had never run the whole marathon, but he "finished" by the mobile phone at the end of 2. In February 27th, he walked around the city within a distance of less than 20 kilometers, but the "WeChat sports" step function showed that the number of steps reached 80602 steps. This data is far beyond the number of steps needed to complete the whole Marathon (42.195 kilometers). Mr. Chen has been exposed to the "crisis of trust" in the WeChat circle, which has been ridiculed by many people.

5. English astronauts refresh the space marathon record

April 24th, one of the six grand slam of the London Marathon run. In this year's London Marathon, there is a special contestant, he is

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